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Consulting Clients Say...
Bella Stander is a rare find.

Motivated by a genuine love of books and authors, she is smart, intuitive, experienced and trustworthy. I didn’t have time to take her workshop, but as a new author feeling bewildered by the publishing process, I saw her ad in Publishers Marketplace and consulted with her on the phone. Boy, am I glad I did.

Who knew that there were people who specialize in designing great websites for authors? Bella did. She knew exactly who they were, and a whole lot more too. I’ve taken all the advice she’s given me, and will continue to do so. Call her and/or take her workshop. Then say, "Thank you."

I’d barely hung up from my first phone conversation with Bella before I’d begun recommending her to friends. Most of the best decisions I made regarding ways to promote my book came from speaking with her. She guided me to the right people, and helped me take the right path in choosing how to approach web design, publicity and wisely using resources.

My one-on-one with Bella gave me courage, facts, and a supporter whom I will turn to time and again. Don't launch without her.

Bella has eye-opening advice for writers facing the publicity and marketing maze that goes along with the publication of their books. In only two sessions I learned so much from her about what I needed to do in the months leading up to the release of my novel, and following her counsel to the letter yielded tremendous rewards. Many of the best changes I made to my website resulted from Bella's terrific suggestions.

Before I did anything about publicizing my book, I consulted Bella Stander. She saved me a bunch of money on things I thought I needed, which she felt I really didn't. Bella can advise you if you need a publicist and recommend good ones she thinks will fit with your book, as she did for me. She also recommended the designer for my kick-ass website. Finally, she even got me a blurb via her connections.

Once you become one of "her" authors, Bella kinda takes you under her wing. I've only formally consulted with her twice on the phone, but then she follows up with emails (no charge for any of that). I'll never forget after our first consult, when she emailed me a few weeks later with, "NU? What are you doing about blurbs?" Bella gave me several suggestions for authors to contact, and said she knew one of them and would ask him for me--also for no charge. Bella has immensely helped QUEEN OF THE ROAD.

    --  Doreen Orion (QUEEN OF THE ROAD: The True Tale of 47 States, 22,000 Miles, 200 Shoes, 2 Cats, 1 Poodle, a Husband, and a Bus with a Will of Its Own, Broadway Books)

Bella gave me a phone consult, and within a swift but focused hour, she told me how to make my website work as a promotional tool. I took copious notes, and was surprised after the fact that she had done the same; she emailed me a detailed list of our game plan.

I feel that now when people view my website, they will understand the passion that led me to write this novel, learn more about witchcraft issues (both medieval and modern-day) and feel like it was worth the visit. My site is exponentially more inviting, and hopefully a way to reach out to readers… and possibly keep them around for the next book. Thanks, Bella!

Bella Stander is passionate about helping authors market books. She came up with ideas I never would have considered: book-signings at nontraditional venues, targeting book clubs, deciding whether to use a publicist. Her can-do attitude is infectious, and I came away from our discussion feeling fired up about promoting my book. Getting a writer excited about book promotion -- that's like working magic.

    -- Kim Reid (NO PLACE SAFE: A Family Memoir, Kensington)

Bella Stander shared a wealth of experience helping me to organize and prioritize my publicity ideas. She helped me develop a plan to talk to my in-house publicist, which resulted in quality and continuing two-way communication; she helped put together the questions for my Author Q&A, which has been a huge draw on my website. And perhaps most important, she helped build my confidence in communicating with booksellers and other industry professionals.

Bella Stander worked with me by phone, one-on-one, when I was unable to attend her workshop. She helped me to change a cover that would have been a poor choice, and also gave me great tips on how to be a panelist at a book fair. Those are just two examples; there was much more. Bella has great advice, and my advice is: TAKE IT!

    -- Brenda Serotte (THE FORTUNE TELLER'S KISS: A Memoir, Univ. of Nebraska Press)

Bella gave me so many good ideas that my head was spinning. Plus I was brand-new, and she gave me the lowdown on many aspects of the publishing process -- some that I'd never even thought of. I think what I really got was confidence. I CAN DO THIS. Thanks, Bella.


Workshop Attendees Say...

Not only am I better prepared to face the challenges ahead, my ability to succeed in the world of publishing was elevated to an entirely new level. Truly, this was nothing less than a career-shifting day in my life as a professional writer.

   -- Alan Sitomer (The Hoopster, etc., Hyperion)


No false promises. No signing up every man and his dog and therefore diluting the workshop's effectiveness. This could well turn out to be the best money I've ever spent on my writing career.

   -- Sharlene Miller (The Retreaters, ABC Books, Australia)

Writing your book is hard enough, but as Bella Stander's workshop makes clear, if you want to sell it too--and you're like me--you need help. And Bella is the one to help you.

   -- Victor Navasky (A Matter of Opinion, Farrar, Straus & Giroux; Naming Names, Hill & Wang; etc.), publisher emeritus of The Nation

The #1 best way to prepare yourself for publication day? Bella Stander's workshop. The farther along I travel on this publication journey, the more I realize what a rare gem this course was. Every aspect of book publicity is covered--from developing an elevator pitch to keeping your focus during interviews. Several years after taking the workshop I'm still drawing from Bella's wise words. Just don't go thinking her genius will vanish once the course is complete. Bella becomes your book-world mentor for life.

   -- Tish Cohen (Little Black Lies, HarperCollins; Inside Out Girl, Harper Perennial; Town House, HarperCollins; Invisible Rules of the Zoe Lama, Dutton Children's Books)

It was such a relief to be offered an opportunity to be in a workshop with less than 50 people in the room -- the personalization aspect was incredible. Also, Bella clearly has SO much knowledge and information, making her the perfect person to run the seminar.

Three years later, a few months before my book came out, I found the red folder full of PR tips and reminders that Bella gave out. Every single page applied to my experience, and I felt a gush of relief when I was reminded of how capable and ready the class made me feel. The publishing world is changing so much that it is clearly necessary for writers to take matters into our own hands, and this information arms us for the fight!

   -- Kelly McMasters (WELCOME TO SHIRLEY: A Memoir from an Atomic Town, PublicAffairs)

Before attending this workshop I had published a number of books. I had assumed that my work as author was over when I turned in the final draft. Not so. Unless you are already a known best-selling author, if you want your book to have the best chance of success, you have to do a lot of work to find its market and Bella Stander tells you how. What I learned from her completely changed my attitude. I now invest as much creative energy as possible to devising ways to promote the book that supplement the publisher’s efforts. It has paid off in increased sales, speaking engagements, and other benefits. You owe it to yourself and your book to attend this workshop.

   -- James W. Russell (Class and Race Formation in North America, Univ. of Toronto Press; DOUBLE STANDARD: Social Policy in Europe and the United States, Rowman & Littlefield).

This isn't just a sit-and-listen-politely seminar; this workshop makes you work! From pitches to readings to setting specific goals, Bella and her excellent guest speakers got me energized and engaged, so that when it was over, I had a clear idea of where to start and where I'm headed. The small group size made the presentations highly personalized, with tips and advice specific to authors' individual needs. Bella gets you to think about what you really want from publication -- and then she gives you the resources and tools to get there. Book Promotion 101 is an absolute must!

   -- Christine Fletcher (Ten Cents a Dance, Tallulah Falls, Bloomsbury USA)

This workshop was simply amazing! I learned more about the publishing world in general and the specifics of promotion than I thought possible in a single day. I learned so much from the other attendees -- from their experiences, from their books, from their questions and advice. Completely worth the time and money.

   -- Baratunde Thurston, comedian (BETTER THAN CRYING: Poking Fun at Politics, the Press & Pop Culture, Kingly Companion Media; etc.)

Your workshop was a total kick-in-the-pants jumpstart for me. Not only did you provide much-needed clarity and direction in terms of my career beyond publication, but you also helped energize the workshop attendees about my (and everyone else's) books. Using the combined experience and creative talents of the group, you got us all thinking about each other in a very supportive environment. No competition and no drama! After that workshop, I regrouped, reorganized and reprioritized my marketing strategy.

   -- Leigh Purtill (All About Vee, Love Meg, Penguin/Razorbill)

As a student who was pursuing an MFA in writing at Columbia, I spent a lot of time sharpening my skills as a writer but received little instruction about the publishing industry that ultimately will pass judgment on those skills. Bella Stander's course armed me with a wealth of practical knowledge essential to my future as a writer outside the MFA program.

   -- Sarah Smarsh (OUTLAW TALES OF KANSAS: True Stories of the Sunflower State's Most Infamous Crooks, Culprits, and Cutthroats, TwoDot)

A seminar that is well worth the time of any author who cares about selling books.

   -- Karen Quinn (Holly Would Dream, Wife in the Fast Lane, Simon & Schuster; The Ivy Chronicles)

If your book is being published, run, don't walk, to the nearest computer and sign up for Book Promotion 101. Unless you're Anne Rice (and she could learn something from the media training), this course is mandatory.

   -- Jennifer Kaufman & Karen Mack (A Version of the Truth, Literacy and Longing in L.A., Delacorte)

I highly recommend Book Promotion 101 for any about-to-be or recently published author as a wake-up call to just how much more work you've got ahead of you.

   -- Ron Hogan (THE STEWARDESS IS FLYING THE PLANE!: American Films of the 1970s, Bulfinch), co-editor of GalleyCat, proprietor of Beatrice.com

Book Promotion 101 changed my entire approach to not just publishing, but business in general. Completely kicked my ass and let me know I have lots of work to do. Wiped clean all my artistic pretensions about “If I write it, they will come.”

   -- Micah Nathan (Gods of Aberdeen, Simon & Schuster)

I want you to know that in every book reading, on every radio show and on TV, I use what you taught me and what I created during your workshop. I carry my notes around constantly to keep me on point. I am blessed with a superb publisher and fabulous in-house press people, so the combination of what I learned from you and what they have been doing has been quite impressive -- so much so that I do not feel the need to hire an outside press person.

Thank you so much. I never thought of myself as much of a salesperson, but since your workshop I seem unstoppable -- and best of all, it's fun!

   -- Barbara Carrellas (URBAN TANTRA: Sacred Sex for the 21st Century, Celestial Arts)

I can't begin to tell you how invaluable your course was helping me launch The Secrets of Happily Married Men. The time preceding and following a book launch come at you fast! Weeks after my book hit the stands, I got coverage from the Washington Post, the New York Times, and calls from "Good Morning America," the "Today" show, and "Fox and Friends." I felt prepared because of your class; I had a clear idea of my main message points, and refined my ability to convey them in a relaxed and inviting tone.

Also, I met great people at your conference who were a valuable resource, and whom I still keep contact with. Thanks!

   -- Scott Haltzman MD (THE SECRETS OF HAPPILY MARRIED MEN: Eight Ways to Win Your Wife's Heart Forever, Jossey-Bass/Wiley)

Bella Stander helped me get over my severe case of "Platform Envy" by showing me exactly what I needed to do to build my publishing platform bigger, faster. In the year since my book was published by a very small publisher, I sold thousands of books (mostly over the Internet), secured a spokespersonship with Huggies, appeared in numerous magazine articles and on radio shows, and gotten on national TV several times, including CBS "The Early Show" -- twice.

Bella's no-nonsense approach to teaching book publicity has even helped me make it to the next level: It appears that a very large publisher not only wants to buy my second book, but the rights to my first as well. Now that's a cure for Platform Envy.

   -- Jen Singer (YOU'RE A GOOD MOM...and Your Kids Aren't So Bad Either, Sourcebooks; 14 HOURS 'TIL BEDTIME: A Stay-At-Home Mom's Life In 27 Funny Little Stories, Wyatt-McKenzie), creator of MommaSaid.net, a Forbes Best of the Web

I recently published my 13th book and attended Bella's workshop for the second time. I keep learning more, and the energy I gain from a day of talking and thinking and listening about book promotion sends me on my way to sell more books.

   -- Susan Tyler Hitchcock (FRANKENSTEIN: A Cultural History, W.W. Norton; MAD MARY LAMB: Lunacy and Murder in Literary London, etc.)

I had been overwhelmed with too much information about how to do promotion. This workshop put order to everything and helped me realize what I could realistically do, and how to put the plan together. The practice pitches critiqued by folks in the promotional business were irreplaceable--you can't get that out of books.

   -- Barbara Oakley, Ph.D., P.E. (EVIL GENES: Why Rome Fell, Hitler Rose, Enron Failed, and My Sister Stole My Mother's Boyfriend, Prometheus Books)

I hadn't realized just how invaluable Book Promotion 101 was until my publication date finally rolled around. Time and again in those crucial first few months I'd start worrying about some detail -- how to put something to my publicist, whether it was rude to bother friends and family with event news, and so on -- and realize that I'd already heard this very issue discussed and settled by experts. This made me feel that I had a grounding, and that in turn gave me the confidence to push past what was covered in the workshop and make some guesses on my own, getting more creative with the process than I'd ever have had the courage to be otherwise. And, yes, I bothered friends and family a lot. Many thanks to you, Bella.

   -- Yael Goldstein (Overture, Doubleday)

Book Promotion 101 was a complete eye-opener and absolutely started me off in the perfect direction. When I left your seminar, I had a concrete plan that I'm still using today with great success. The resources you introduced me to were phenomenal.

My TV experience on CNN snowballed into more and more TV, radio, and even a double feature in the Wall Street Journal. I've been on Fox News, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, featured in Fortune, Glamour, Self, Marie Claire, Details, Essence, Real Simple, and in over 40 major newspapers across the U.S. and around the world.

AND the book finally broke through in a big way, shooting up to the top of the International Bestseller list! Can you believe it? It's like a dream come true (well, a dream and a lot of hard work).

   -- Cynthia Shapiro (CORPORATE CONFIDENTIAL: 50 Secrets Your Company Doesn't Want You to Know--And What to Do About Them, St. Martin's)

Bella organized a powerhouse line-up of seasoned pros. I learned more practical, applicable tips about publicity in one day than in all the years I've been a professional writer.

   -- Jane K. Cleland (Deadly Appraisal & Consigned to Death, St. Martin's)

The bottom line is this: You can keep on writing and feeling frustrated with the whims, trends, insults and misunderstandings of the publishing game, OR you can go on the offensive and contribute to making your writing a success. The eye-opening change for me was attending Bella Stander's workshop and being given the tools and information I needed. I learned how to work with the publisher's publicist and also how to find good freelancers. As a result, I increased my appearances by 100% and doubled the print media coverage.

   -- Phil Jennings (Nam-A-Rama, Tor/Forge)

Bella Stander cuts through the niceties and tells you exactly what you're doing wrong -- and how to do it better -- when it comes to pitching your book to the media. I can't recommend her workshop highly enough. It was a remarkable learning experience. But know that it's not for the faint of heart.

   -- Debbie Weil (The Corporate Blogging Book, Penguin)

Bella Stander provides an extraordinary service to published writers. The speakers at her workshops know more about publishing than any one person could find out on his own. They are all knowing and available. And Bella herself is a loving guide -- plus the food provided at lunch is top drawer as well. For a writer trying to find his or way through the maze of publicity, this is the place to go.

   -- Pierre Epstein (ABRAHAM EPSTEIN: The Forgotten Father of Social Security, Univ. of Missouri Press)

With my previous media exposure, I thought I was ready for the book tour. Bella's class gave me a rude awakening and focused me to prepare more appropriately. I recommend her course for new and published authors, with at least three months before their books' launch dates.

   -- Quang X. Pham (A SENSE OF DUTY: My Father, My American Journey, Ballantine)

In this business you can either learn the hard way--by your mistakes; or the easy way--by the mistakes of others. Book Promotion 101 provides the techniques and insider secrets to help you avoid missteps and get your book the attention it deserves.

   -- David Leite, food writer, lecturer, owner of Leitesculinaria.com

If you want to learn the nuts and bolts of book promotion, this is the workshop for you. While there are a number of books available on the subject, books cannot make the information as vivid and as meaningful as Bella's class, which would be a bargain at twice the price. I came away with new knowledge, new ideas about promotion and greater confidence in my ability to promote my own work.

   -- Mark A. Michaels (The Essence of Tantric Sexuality, Llewellyn)

Book Promotion 101 is a godsend. Bella Stander connects writers with professional publicists and media trainers who demystify book promotion with no-holds-barred exercises and inside information. At the same time, she reminds us of the human side: As you navigate the wild ride of publicists, media people, book sellers--and most of all, your potential readers--be kind and gracious and genuine. This may be the best book promotion advice of all.

   -- Kathryn Jordan (Hot Water, Berkley)

You cannot come away without feeling kicked in the butt to pull yourself together and take responsibility for your book and your life.

   -- Bill Lychack (The Wasp Eater, Houghton Mifflin)

I attended Bella Stander's Book Promotion 101 workshop on the recommendation of an author who raved about it. I soon discovered Bella's advice was worth every penny. I left her seminar with invaluable promotional tools -- including my all-important "elevator speech", three key points about my book, creative promotional ideas, media training and more. But she also gave me something even more important: the confidence that I could do my own book promotion, which I had doubted up till that point.

All of these tools and confidence paid off!

I had not one, but two publicists for my book and they couldn't garner a fraction of the amount of publicity I got on my own as a result of Bella's course. Within just a few short months, through my own promotional efforts, my book was featured in dozens of major magazines and newspapers as well as on TV and radio. All that publicity led to two spokesperson opportunities and numerous speaking engagements. Now I recommend Bella to all my author friends!

   -- Gabrielle Lichterman (28 DAYS: What Your Cycle Reveals about Your Love Life, Moods and Potential, Adams Media)

What an eye-opener! This workshop gave the inside scoop on what publishers can and can't do for you once your book is out, and really prompted me to action. Lots of terrific advice from a very dynamic speaker. I highly recommend Bella Stander's workshop to any new author. This is money well spent.

   -- Roberta Baker (Lizard Walinsky, Little, Brown)

I definitely feel better about everything after my day at Book Promotion 101. The wealth of common-sense information I received from Bella and her speakers was bracing and welcome. Now I understand and accept that it's my job to act like an adult and further my own cause as an author.

   -- Jane Guill (Nectar From a Stone, Touchstone/Simon & Schuster)

In one day at Book Promotion 101, I learned things about publicity that I had been trying to understand for years. After taking the class, I had tremendous success doing the publicity for our small restaurant chain and our diet/cookbook. Years later, I am still incorporating everything I learned into our new project. Book Promotion 101 not only taught me what to do, but inspired me to do it.

   -- Elena Kapelonis (The Great Brain Picker-Upper: A Book on Finding Happiness Every Day; The Pump Energy Food Cookbook)

Every author should treat themselves to Bella Stander and her crash course. Book Promotion 101 takes your book to another dimension: the other half of the writing process--selling!

   -- Gayden Metcalfe (Being Dead Is No Excuse: The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral, Miramax)

Most writers are, by nature, not great self-promoters. But after participating in Book Promotion 101, I feel like I now have the knowledge and the tools necessary to promote my book with confidence and distinction.

   -- David Zimmer (4 WAY STREET: The Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Reader, Da Capo Press)

Every first-time author should take this class six months before publication date. It's a vaccine against writerly naivete about the business end of the business.

   -- Kate Manning (Whitegirl, Dial/Delta)

I took Book Promotion 101 a few months after getting my first book contract, and it completely changed my view of the world. The information I received positively impacted my writing career. Bella's tough -- just what advanced writers need -- but approachable, and extremely knowledgeable about the tight-knit publishing world. If you want to make your book a success, no matter how many you've already written, don't miss this workshop.

   -- Linda Landry (CLASSIC NEW HAMPSHIRE: Preserving the Granite State in Changing Times, Univ. Press of New England)

Book Promotion 101 covers in a limited time the most essential issues about successful promotion. The content and presentation are well adapted to an audience that is not familiar with PR and marketing. As the group was quite small, every participant was able to get useful suggestions about his own book.

   -- Yvonne Harz-Pitre, OneWorld.net (contributor, Ending Hunger in Our Lifetime: Food Security & Globalization, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press)

One of the most beneficial courses I've ever taken on writing and promotion. I don't know how Bella fit so much information into one day, or how she managed to have such great speakers besides herself. I highly recommend -- and urge -- anyone who has written a book to sign up for Book Promotion 101.

   -- Arline Zatz, travel writer

If you're a published author, or about to become one, you need Bella Stander's book promotion workshop. A mega-dose of reality from a pro.

   -- Andy Straka (Cold Quarry, etc., Signet)

As an academic, I especially appreciated this eye-opening workshop. Most professors know nothing about the publishing business, and Bella's crash course will save many a monograph from languishing in obscurity.

   -- Ronald Schechter, PhD (OBSTINATE HEBREWS: Representations of Jews in France, 1715-1815, Univ. of California Press)

The class was hilarious and always engaging. If you want to understand the business you are in -- and do so in a lively and informative way -- then you should take Book Promotion 101.

   -- Avery Chenoweth (ALBEMARLE: A Story of Landscape and American Identity, Albemarle Books; Wingtips, Johns Hopkins Univ. Press)


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